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My Neighborhood, Early Summer

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This evening, a glimpse of the sky and clouds from a window about twenty minutes before sunset drew me outside, and prompted me to take a short walk around the neighborhood. It has been something I’ve done sporadically in the six years I’ve owned my house, and something my boyfriend and his dog and I did regularly for a month or two last summer, before life — as it always does — intervened.

Tonight I started out just looking at the clouds, because I find them fascinating, particularly when they are piled high and lit by the setting sun.

 But, as gorgeous as they were, things closer to the ground kept catching my eye, and the golden, between-storm light made everything seem a little less ordinary.

Although they’re not nearly so stately, this row of houses made me think of San Francisco’s Painted Ladies, and they definitely perk up their side of Mary Street.

This is just a small sampling of the flower boxes, pots, and beds I passed. The bright spots of color add such cheer to the neighborhood (and who doesn’t love a Little Free Library?).

Anyone need an orange wing chair? If I didn’t already have one, I may have gone back and tried to wedge it into my trunk.

LOVE. I obviously hadn’t walked down this block for a while, because the painted knitting swatch wasn’t there before, but caught my eye immediately, and I wished it were mine.

Nice to see they weren’t overselling things. I hope the transfer was successful.

The outdoor space at The Fridge was hopping, and easily half of the people there were as mesmerized by the clouds as I was. I’d have stopped if it had been less crowded, but I was satisfied with continuing my walk, instead.

By the time I got home, the clouds had piled higher, and lightning was beginning to flicker in the distance.

I love my neighborhood, and need to get back in the habit of wandering through it and seeing what there is to see, because there’s always something.


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