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Shopping, Stuff, and Me… It’s Complicated

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I don’t shop that often, and I rarely shop as entertainment. I have more stuff than I’m generally comfortable with, and I periodically go through and get rid of things, but other times, the things seem to creep in, and do their best to take over my spaces. This dislike of shopping, and discomfort with the the amount of stuff I own does not, unfortunately, necessarily mean that I will not occasionally go a little overboard and buy things just because I want them; and I wanted these:


I have small feet, and my choice of shoes is always limited, and rarely cheap. I can usually steer clear of most impulse purchases, but this one I decided to meet, head-on. It’s been a stressful week already, I am behind on packing for my vacation, and I just couldn’t resist a little bit of baby blue canvas FUN. And can you blame me?

I’m unlikely to buy a ton of souvenirs on my trip, and I’ll likely come home and dive into that next, long-overdue purge of my possessions, but tomorrow, if it’s not pouring, I’ll embrace the fruits of my complicated relationship with shopping and stuff, and ride my bike in my chucks and feel like a 10-year-old, in the best possible way (at least while I’m coasting down the hill and across the basketball court in the park).


One thought on “Shopping, Stuff, and Me… It’s Complicated

  1. those are splendid sneakers. enjoy!

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